Demo Reel

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My Demo Reel for 2010, music by Depeche Mode.

Some footage is appropriated, please see my full animations below for context.


America’s Next Top Model

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Here is a video I made with Alicia Ledden for her audition tape for America’s Next Top Model. Hopefully I can upload a higher quality version to vimeo soon!

Understanding Infinity Chapter 1

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The Long Sleep AKA Kundalini

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By Jen Inman (2010)

Music by Tom McConnell

The Long Sleep aka Kundalini is one piece in a series of animations that I worked on for my senior project.  I started this piece in advanced animation class with Jim Duesing in the fall and then completed it in the spring with Suzie Silver’s guidance.  I used a combination of Maya and After Effects to model and animate, and then printed out each animation frame by frame with a black and white laser printer.  I then captured these 1700 pictures using a digital still camera and stop-motion software while being backlit on a light table.  This piece is about feeling as though you are ‘awake(ned)’ while actually remaining ‘asleep’.

The Sky and The Limit

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Music Video by Jen Inman

Sound by Margaret Cox and Michael Johnsen performed live @ Remedy 6.18.09

Moments in (cyber) Love

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Video by Jen Inman

Music by Art of Noise